Product FAQs

How long will my Orabrush® last?

An Orabrush® should be replaced the same time as your toothbrush, after 3-4 months of use, or after an illness.

Why not use my toothbrush to clean my tongue?

The tufted and flat bristles of a toothbrush are designed to remove plaque and bacteria on the smooth surfaces of the teeth. However, your tongue is not smooth, it is uneven, and has many grooves and crevices that bacteria can reside in. The ultra-soft, micro-pointed Orabrush® bristles are designed to reach deep into the individual crevices of your tongue and loosen the stinky bacteria. The built-in scraper then scrapes the bacteria residue away.

If I clean my tongue, do I need to brush my teeth?

Yes, both tooth brushing and tongue brushing are necessary in order to maintain good oral hygiene.

How do I clean my Orabrush®?

Cleaning your Orabrush® is easy; simply hold the head of the Orabrush® under a stream of running water and store it in an area that will allow the bristles to air dry. If desired, the Orabrush® may be dipped in a sanitizing mouthwash containing peroxide or alcohol. The Orabrush® is also top-rack, dishwasher safe.

Does the Orabrush® reduce the "GAG" reflex?

The more you use the Orabrush®, the easier it will get. Compared to a toothbrush, the low, flat head of the Orabrush® helps reduce the gag reflex and allows you to brush further back on the tongue.

If you do have a strong reflex, try this trick: When brushing your tongue, only use forward sweeping motions – do not push the Orabrush® back towards your throat. Instead place it back as far as comfortable and only scrape going forward.

What happens if my tongue becomes irritated or sensitive?

If your tongue becomes irritated or sensitive, reduce the frequency and intensity of your Orabrush® routine. If irritation or sensitivity remains or worsens, discontinue use of the Orabrush® until the problem goes away.