Say Goodbye To Garbage Breath: What is an Orabrush® and Why it Really Works

Brushing your teeth is an important aspect to oral hygiene. But there is another part of your mouth that harbors bacteria and can contribute to bad breath (aka Halitosis): your tongue. Cleaning your tongue helps prevent the growth of stinky bacteria. The Dental School of the University of Buffalo, NY states that “tongue bacteria” is the cause of “80%-90% of all cases of bad breath”*.

Thankfully, there’s a way to inhibit the growth of smelly bacteria so your mouth can stay clean and fresh: Orabrush® Tongue Cleaner. An Orabrush® is a tongue-scraping device that features ultra-soft, micro-pointed, flexible bristles. These bristles are designed with a surgeon’s scrub brush in mind and can reach deep into the hard-to-reach crevices of your tongue. Using an Orabrush® Tongue Cleaner allows you to clean your tongue properly and eliminate a large amount of odor causing bacteria.

Orabrush® Tongue Cleaners are designed specifically to clean tongues. The Orabrush® works because it actually removes and scrapes away bacteria instead of simply spreading bacteria around the tongue the way a conventional toothbrush would. Orabrush® features a flat, wide head to cover a larger surface area of the tongue. The fact that the Orabrush® is designed to be flat makes it easy to comfortably reach and clean even the very back of your tongue. In addition, the soft, flexible bristles clean without causing pain or irritation to your tongue.

Cleaning or scraping your tongue may seem intimidating at first but it will become more natural once you integrate it into your regular tooth brushing habits. Using an Orabrush® is easier than you may have guessed. Simply moisten your tongue and then scrape with your Orabrush® (bristles down) from the back of your tongue to the front of your tongue. You don’t need to press down on your tongue extremely hard for the Orabrush® to work, just press firmly enough until you begin to see a white build up of gunk collecting at the edge of your tongue.

After a short time of regularly using your Orabrush®, you’ll start to notice a reduction in bad breath and you’ll see that your tongue is clean and pink instead of covered in nasty white residue from a build up of saliva, food, and bacteria. Thanks to Orabrush® you are now ready to laugh, kiss, and chat without the fear of people being grossed out by your bad breath. Make bad breath a thing of the past.