The Great Debate: Toothbrush Versus Tongue Cleaner

You wouldn’t clean your dishes with a mop – so why would you clean your tongue with a toothbrush? It’s no secret that your tongue and your teeth are made of very different substances and have varying surfaces. It’s important to use the proper tools to keep them both clean.

The bristles of a toothbrush work wonders when it comes to cleaning the smooth, hard enamel of your teeth, as well as the spaces in between your teeth. But a toothbrush doesn’t quite do the job when it comes to your tongue. Your tongue contains many small crevices that toothbrush bristles just can’t properly clean.

That’s where a tongue cleaner comes in.

Orabrush®, a tongue cleaner, features super soft, micro-pointed bristles that easily access the deep, tiny crevices of your tongue. These flexible bristles lift away food residue, bacteria, and sulfur compounds that often contribute to bad breath. In addition, a tongue cleaner is designed to be flat and wide. This design allows a tongue cleaner to comfortably reach the back of your tongue and cover a larger surface area than a regular toothbrush could.

With both a traditional toothbrush and a tongue cleaner, you can create an oral hygiene dream team that helps prevent bad breath and keeps your pearly whites stunningly clean. Replace both your toothbrush and your tongue cleaner every three to four months to make sure they stay fresh and work their best.  

Thinking of your toothbrush and your tongue cleaner as specific tools that serve specific purposes will help you understand why you need to make a spot for both items in your medicine cabinet. By using both a toothbrush and tongue cleaner you can take fresh breath to the next level. Get your toothbrush a friend – like an Orabrush® – and keep your tongue happy.