OraBrush for Pets

Have you ever noticed your pet's bad dog breath?

Dog breath makes it hard to be near your favorite pet. There is finally a way to get rid of that dog breath so you can give your pet the attention it deserves.

Just like in humans, dog bad breath is caused by microscopic bacteria that grow on the tongue where there is plenty of food and moisture. These bacteria produce sulfur-based odors - that's dog breath. To cure your pet's bad breath, you need to clean deep into the crevices to remove the foul bacteria. Giving your pet a treat is just like using a breath mint, it just covers up the dog breath for a short time, it does not remove the cause of the bad breath.

OraBrush has soft, pointed bristles capable of entering into small crevices and indentations of the soft surface of your pet's tongue. It is designed to clean the tongue, to loosen and then remove the bacteria and bacterial waste that collects on the surface. Then the built-in scraper will bring the material to the front of the tongue where it can be removed from your pet's mouth. In order to cure dog bad breath, one must remove the cause of bad breath.

To clean your dog's tongue, just hold the mouth open, wet the tongue, and gently run the OraBrush across the top of their tongue. No need to press down because the soft bristles will loosen the material on the tongue's surface. Then raise the handle and pull OraBrush forward to the front of the tongue to remove the material from the tongue. Rinse OraBrush under running water and store.

Special Information about Dog Breath

OraBrush was first developed to clean the human tongue; however, we have discovered that OraBrush also works extremely well at cleaning your dog's tongue. The only way a dog can cool their body is by panting. The evaporation of moisture from the tongue releases body heat, which leaves an extra amount of residue on the tongue surface resulting in even more bad dog breath. Because of this, your dog's tongue needs to be cleaned more frequently than a human's.

You may also notice that your dog's teeth have a lot of plaque. This plaque originated on the surface of the tongue as a soft gel, this gel attaches to the teeth and, if not removed, will harden. This plaque can also be a source of dog breath.

Many people allow their dog to lick their face or hands. This licking transfers bacteria from the dog's tongue to the human hands and face. Cleaning the tongue will reduce the amount of this bacterial transfer. Cleaning your dog's tongue will make it more pleasant and safe to be close to your dog.