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Customer Reviews

"It was a pleasure of mine to visit with you on the phone yesterday and I want to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to evaluate the OraBrush tongue cleaner. After using the OraBrush for just one week I found the unique, FDA approved, patented combination brush and flexible scraper with the wide low profile head design (minimize stimulation of the gag reflex), and traditional toothbrush handle and feel, far superior to any tongue cleaner I have used. In fact, my experience was so positive that tongue cleaning has become part of my routine oral hygiene. I look forward to the opportunity to research the potential benefits tongue cleaning, in addition to proper brushing and flossing, may provide millions of individuals around the world."

C. Lynn Hurst, DDS, MS

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"I am pleased to be able to write this letter to recommend OraBrush, invented by Dr. Robert K. Wagstaff. My office was chosen to be a primary test site for this product in the fall of 2006. The feedback I have received from my patients regarding OraBrush has been very positive. It has proven to be a great way to decrease odor caused by bacteria buildup on the tongue. This product helps with overall oral hygiene, reducing bacteria and bad breath. I would endorse the production and sale of OraBrush. Daily use will help you take care of your tongue and bad breath like you never have before."

Bret L. Crandall DDS, Springville, UT

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"I have been using the OraBrush daily now for months, and I absolutely love it! I was amazed the first time I used it, how I could actually see the bacteria buildup that I had removed with the OraBrush. Plus, I can see that my tongue looks healthier after I use it. I never have to worry that I might be the "bad breath guy" at the party, and that peace of mind is worth much more than I paid for the OraBrush."

A.J. Mesa, AZ

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"I was eager to try the Orabrush. After using one for a month myself, I got one for my husband. He doesn't like to spend lots of time brushing his teeth, so the Orabrush helps him to feel that he's getting his mouth even cleaner than before--without taking much longer than before. We have taught our children to brush at least two times a day. Using the Orabrush, they are able to keep their mouths even cleaner. They were excited to try the Orabrush--something new that they are now including in their daily dental routine."

Carolyn, Palm Beach FL

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"Our whole family enjoys the benefits of the Orabrush. My teenage sons like knowing that they don't have bad breath during the day. Better breath gives me greater confidence when I meet with people. It's nicer when I get close to my husband after he's used the Orabrush!"

Martha, Houston, TX

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"I have had an OraBrush Tongue Cleaner for almost a year. I use it most mornings right after I get up to clean the night taste out of my mouth. It does a great job. It gives my mouth a clean fresh feeling that lasts all morning. Sometimes I use it right after I brush my teeth at night. It helps eliminate any after taste of offensive food I may have eaten in the evening.

I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys having a clean, refreshing feel in their mouth."

Neil, Logan, UT
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"I just got the OraBrush just a few weeks ago and I just love it! As soon as I started using it I saw immediate results. I use it twice a day (right after I brush my teeth) and it only takes about 20 seconds to use and I'm done. I used to use my toothbrush to brush my tongue but it makes the brush deteriorate faster and it didn't have a scraper on it to get rid of the nitty gritty stuff. The Ora-Brush does a much better job than a toothbrush and the material it's made out of will most likely last forever! Now my breath smells fresher and my toothbrush lasts longer."

Anonymous, VA

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"I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my tongue brush. I have been using the tongue brush for over a year now and don't know what I would do without it. It is so easy to use! It is much easier to use than the toothbrush I was trying to clean my tongue with. It removes all the build-up on my tongue, leaving it a healthy pink and I don't have to use mouthwash. All I do is use the tongue brush after I brush my teeth. My husband and two teenage boys use theirs and like how well it keeps their breath fresh."

Ann, Battle Ground, WA

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"Several weeks ago my wife told me I had "bad breath". This was a real surprise! I routinely have my teeth cleaned by the hygienist and checked by the dentist every three months. I have followed this regimen for the last 12 years. The dentist office told be that there was no reason for me to have bad breath. So, I googled reasons for bad breath. After reading a number of studies it became clear that bacteria on the tongue played a big role in the bad breath syndrome. Everything I read talked about brushing your tongue as a possible cure for bad breath. At that point I went out and found OraBrush, which enabled me to clean the back of my tongue, and after one use, my wife said that my breath was back to its normal self. OraBrush is now a permanent part of my oral hygiene!!"

Bill, Orem, UT